Zig and Sharko

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Zig & Sharko is a French cartoon created by Olivier Jean-Marie and produced by Xilam. On a desert island lives Zig the hyena. He aims to eat Marina the mermaid, with help from his hermit crab friend Bernie. However, Marina's bodyguard Sharko stops them at every turn.

Character Chart List
Characters' Names Voice Roles Muscle Moment Total
Marina Example She is a character from the animated series Zig & Sharko, which follows the adventures of a hyena, a shark and a mermaid on a tropical island. Marina is the mermaid who lives in a house on the ocean floor. She is kind, cheerful aaive, and often unaware of the chaos that Zig and Sharko cause around her. She loves to play with her friends, especially Bernie the hermit crab, and to explore the wonders of the sea. She also has a fascination with the human world and collects various objects that she finds on the surface. Marina is very beautiful and has long blonde hair, a pink tail and a starfish on her head. She is the object of affection for both Zig and Sharko, who compete for her attention. However, Marina does not seem to notice their feelings and treats them as friends. She is also oblivious to the fact that Zig wants to eat her, and often helps him out of trouble. Marina is a sweet and innocent mermaid who brings joy and fun to the island. 5
Starfish Example She is Marina's hair clip attached to her hair throughout the series. She first met Marina in The Nap, a flashback when Marina was a baby, after many attempts escto escaper crib, she spotted something shiny in the ocean and picked up,it it was a baby starfish an,d weashe wore on her hair. In Season 2, the starfish sometime chsanges her expression. In Catch a Falling Star is her major role, Marina's starfish fell ialls sand the and starts falling in love with Bernie when she first met himets 1
Olga the Viking Example 1