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Yo-kai Watch is a multimedia series that came out as a video game in Japan in 2013. produced by Toshiaki Okuno and Junichi Yanagihara, It became very popular, gaining an anime series, sequel games, multiple manga series, and other merchandise. It is about a fifth-grader (either a boy or a girl, but a boy in most media forms) who releases a Yo-kai named Whisper and is granted the Yo-kai Watch, a device that can identify various Yo-kai and can be used to stop the ones causing trouble by summoning befriended Yo-kai.

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Aya Endō (Japanese verison) Katie Forester (Japanese: 木霊文花 Kodama Fumika) is a major character from the Japanese franchise Yo-Kai Watch. In the first two games, she's the female choice for the player when starting out. is one of the main characters in the Yo-kai Watch series. She is the playable female protagonist of Yo-kai Watch, Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch 4, while she is a minor character in the Yo-kai Watch animated series.

Personality: Katie is a kind and playful person. She's very popular and often considered cute with a certain charm. When bewitched by Yo-kai, she usually retains her cheerful demeanor but can come off as unintentionally cruel though she seems to never recall these incidents. She's also smart but also worries about meeting her mother's standards. She is surprisingly brave and comfortable with heights. It also seems that Katie is extremely oblivious whenever it comes to romance.

Appearances: She has black eyes and brown hair tied in a ponytail with a pink ribbon. She wears a white pullover over a collarless shirt with black and white stripes. A pink heart is on the right side of her pullover. She wears blue shorts. She wears dark gray socks and black tennis shoes with white soles and white shoelaces. When she is the player's chosen protagonist, she wears her Yo-kai Watch around her neck, which easily disguises the watch as a necklace with a watch pendant. This is in contrast to the way he wears his watch, on his wrist.


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Recap Time[edit | edit source]

Recap Time (Japanese: きょうの妖怪大辞典 Kyō no Yōkai Dai-jiten) is a short segment that happens at the end of each episode after the ending sequence in the Yo-kai Watch anime series.

Episode 192

Yo-kai Watch♪/Reborn[edit | edit source]

The Strongest Arm-Wrestling Showdown!

Season 1, Episode 46a