Walter Melon

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Walter Melon is a 1998 animated show based on the Franco-Belgian comic Achille Talon. The eponymous character is a "hero for hire", along with his assistant Bitterbug, and they temporarily take the places of heroes who are unable to do their jobs. Walter is sometimes partnered with Amelia, who represents the female roles. They always go up against Sneero, who represents the antagonist.

List of Character
Voice Role Muscle Total
Francine Elcar Amelia is one of the main characters and the only main female characters of season 1 from Walter Melon.

Amelia is shown to be a beautiful Caucasian female with light blue eyes, brown-reddish hair, and though out the series Amelia wears different clothing in every episode.


The Incredible Bulk[edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 11a
Airdate: 1998

In the first half of this episode, Amelia took the role of Bessy; who held captive. She is known to have a scream so loud it would be considered torture. She hulk-out into a spoof version of She-Hulk.