Vivian Vincent / Ultravixen

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Vivian Vincent aka Ultravixen is a main protagonist super-heroine from her own comic in the same name.

History Once merely a mild mannered researcher at Saber Labs, Vivian Vincent gained extraordinary powers in a freak laboratory accident. Bombarded by strange energies, she transformed into Ultravixen: a brash, brawny beauty with abilities far beyond those of mortals.

Now Ultravixen uses her array of powers (super-strength, invulnerability, ultra-beam vision and flying belt) to protect both Meteor City and Saber Labs from the rogues' gallery of criminals who threaten them.

But even a super-strong, sexy super heroine has difficulty balancing the conflicting demands of crime fighting, lab work, secret identity problems, an overprotective former super heroine mother and an adoring but intrusive public!

Follow the adventures of Ultravixen as she battles Doctor Faustus and the forces of Scorpio deep beneath Meteor City! Thrill to her confrontation with a twisted enemy from her past! Rocket into space as she confronts a menace from the stars!

Issue #1: Scorpio Rising...or was that Falling?[edit | edit source]

Issue #2: Ultravixen vs Mommy Dearest[edit | edit source]