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File:Unikitty! - Title Card.png


Slice of Life


Ed Skudder
Lynn Wong

Production company

The Lego Group
Warner Bros. Animation


United States

Original run

October 27, 2017 - August 27, 2020

Muscle Scenes Total


Unikitty! is a spin-off American animated TV series based on the titular character, Unikitty, produced by Ed Skudder and Lynn Wong, who originated from the 2014 animated film The LEGO Movie. Full episodes promoted as “sneak peaks” were released throughout the end of 2017 while the show officially premiered on Cartoon Network in January 2018, ending in August 2020. Separate from the canon of The LEGO Movie, Unikitty is now the ruler of the colorful and whimsical Unikingdom. Joining her is a new cast of characters, including her little brother, Puppycorn, her bodyguard, Hawkodile, the kingdom’s resident scientist, Dr. Fox, and Richard, her royal advisor. Together, they strive to fix the problems of the kingdom and avoid negativity at all costs.