Tiny Toon Adventures

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Tiny Toon Adventures is a cartoon series created by Tom Ruegger and executively produced by Steven Spielberg. It originally ran from September 1990 to May 1995. In 1993, it was spun off into Animaniacs, a show centering around three characters that the Tiny Toons encounter in one episode.

The series follows the many antics of a group of younger counterparts to the popular Looney Tunes characters, all students of the Acme Looniversity, set up by the original characters themselves to teach cartoon characters lessons on comedy.

A reboot Tiny Toons Looniversity aired on September 8, 2023.

Voice Roles
Tress MacNeille 2
Kath Soucie 1
Tress MacNeille Arnolda only appeared in one episode titled: Prom-ise Her Anything. Arnolda is a tall, white female pit bull with black hair, and huge muscles and is seen wearing a red dress in the episode. 1