Tiger Mask W

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Tiger Mask W
Taigā Masuku Daburu
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Sports (professional wrestling)


Production company

Toei Animation



Original run

October 2, 2016 – July 2, 2017

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Tiger Mask W (Japanese: タイガーマスクWダブル, Taigā Masuku Daburu) is a Tiger Mask anime series that premiered on October 2, 2016, with thirty-eight episodes. It has a mix of 2D and 3D CGI animation.

It is a sequel of the original anime, whereas Tiger Mask II is only considered a parallel universe.

Character Chart List
Voice Roles Muscle Moments Total
Sandra/Miss X
  • Yuu Kobayashi
Sandra (サンドラ Sandora) / Miss X (ミスX Musu X) / X Woman (Xウーマン X Ūman) is the main antagonist in the anime series Tiger Mask W.

American boss of GWM and the manager of new Tiger's Den, a beautiful yet deadly woman who works under the new Mister X. She has a strong physique and fights under the name X Woman, albeit she does so unmasked. She has no defined technique but is a strong fighter.