ThunderCats Roar

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Thundercats Roar is a 2020 Cartoon Network series and a comedic reboot of Thundercats. produced by Sam Register,

The series follows the adventures of Lion-o and the Thundercats as they make Third Earth their new home after a crash landing from their home planet of Thundara, but they must defend it from the likes of Mum-Ra and the Mutants.

Character List
Voice Role Muscle per total
Cheetara 2
Warrior Maidens
Barbastella Danielle Pinnock The new character was introduced in the 2020 animated series, ThunderCats Roar. She is known as the Queen of the bats Band lives in Bat Castle at 2226 Bat Ave, Batsylvania. She could fly and control large colonies of bats. Her name is in reference to the bat Genus, Barbastella. 1