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The Venture Bros. is an American adult animated action-comedy television series created by Christopher McCulloch (also known as "Jackson Publick") for Cartoon Network's late night programming block Adult Swim. Following a pilot episode on February 16, 2003, the series premiered on August 7, 2004.

The Venture Bros. was one of Adult Swim's longest-running original series in terms of years and had the record for fewest seasons produced of a scripted show per year of continuous production, with seven produced seasons over fifteen years of production.

Character List
Virginia "Ginnie" Dunne (voiced by Joanna Adler) is Dr. Quymn's bodyguard, and she watches over her and her two daughters, the Quymn twins. Her muscular, overtly masculine appearance and physical similarity to Brock Samson fuels repeated jokes throughout the episode that she is a lesbian, who has attempted to "turn" Dr. Quymn many times to no avail. She gets particularly jealous when Dr. Quymn begins to speak fondly of Dr. Venture.

Ginnie is shown to be very masculine and a lesbian, and was shown to try and convert Dr. Quymn. Though when the twins asked why she hated men, she states that she doesn't hate men, she's "just never met a real one", during which she's eyeing Brock, and may find him close to her standards. She most likely had bisexual tendencies and she made some attempts to flirt with him, even approaching him, at an attempt to sleep with Brock. However, she stops when she sees Dean talking to Brock and leaves, before handing him her bra though it was only either out of frustration or to make Dr. Quymn jealous. She apparently believed that Brock found her attractive, but Brock clearly had no idea what to make of her actions.

She is similar to Brock with the boys, Ginnie does love Nancy and Drew like her own. Another thing they have in common is their love for fighting, as both took a great deal of pleasure when fighting each other.

Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman[edit | edit source]

Season 3, Episode 6
Airdate: July 6, 2008