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Best Friends For-Never?[edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 12a
Airdate: December 9th, 2006

Riley and Tasumi get into a fight that gets intense. The school's counselor is highly ineffective, so Todd calls Fleemco to replace her with a female wrestler named Lady Lady. The replacement then trains Riley and Tasumi to settle their differences over a wrestling match. Although Tasumi appeared to bulk up after the training, it turned out to just be a feature of her suit form. And Riley seemed to be bulking up after training, but it turns out she was wearing a fake jumpsuit.

Serf's Up[edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 16b
Airdate: June 30th, 2007

Lady Lady got married to the Canadian Knucklehead in "Serf's Up" before being interrupted by a rude guest Abraslam Lincoln for reasons unknown.

Irreplaceable[edit | edit source]

Season 2, Episode 31
Airdate: March 30th, 2009

Lady Lady also appeared as one of Dr. Scorpius' minions in the episode.