The Replacements

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The Replacements is an American animated television series that aired on Disney Channel from July 28, 2006, to March 30, 2009.

List of characters
Voice Actors/Actress Muscle Moment Total
Riley Daring Grey DeLisle-Griffin An older sister of Todd and adopted daughter of Agent K and Dick Daring. She is the older, more responsible, more naive, and more trustworthy sibling who enjoys school. She is 12 and 13 in the first season and 14 in the second season. 1
Tasumi Tsujino Lauren Tom A minor character in The Replacements. She is Riley Daring's best friend, who is of Japanese descent. 1
Lady Lady Grey DeLisle-Griffin She is a minor character and a professional wrestler who settled Tasumi and Riley's feud for Todd in "Best friends For-Never?" 3