The Powerpuff Girls

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The Powerpuff Girls is a cartoon series Created by Craig McCracken, based on his CalArts student film Whoopass Stew, for Cartoon Network that originally aired from 1998 to 2005. It has spawned a theatrical feature film, an anime series and a CGI special that aired in January 2014. A reboot of the series was released in 2016 and ended in 2019.

The series revolves around three little girls named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. They were created by Professor Utonium when he tried making a formula for perfect girls, but he accidentally added Chemical X to it. This results in the girls having superpowers, which they use to fight villains and monsters.

Character List
Voice Roles Muscle Moment
Blossom Amanda Leighton (2016 reboot) The 2016 version of Blossom is once again depicted as the leader of the Team. Her appearance is like her original counterpart apart from her bow, which is more rounded. She loves organization and hates it when things are messy and out of order. She has a perfect attendance record and is an overachiever. She can be stubborn at times but still comes through. She also has ice breath like her 1998 counterpart. Her trail is bright pink with little squares. Her unique abilities are Ice breath, genius-level intelligence, microscopic vision, natural leadership skills, and intuitive aptitude. She also can project bright pink energy and manipulate it into the various household and office items; an ability her 1998 counterpart in the original show does not possess. 2
Bubbles 2
Bliss 1
Erica the Red Cindy Robinson 1
Princess Morbucks Jennifer Hale (original)
Haley Mancini (reboot)
Princess Morbucks is a villain from The Powerpuff Girls. She is a spoiled, rich, and bratty little girl, whose partially unseen and mostly mute father allows her to finance various evil plots to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. 1
Muscle Woman Amanda Leighton
Barbarus Bikini
Terrier Triplets Terrier Triplets is a trio of terriers and members of the gang of dogs called the Pug Thugs in the 2016 reboot series. They appeared in one episode, In The Doghouse. 1