The Magic School Bus

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The Magic School Bus is an animated edutainment series that ran on PBS in the '90s.

The series was adapted from a series of books written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degan. The series followed the adventures of eccentric schoolteacher, Ms. Valerie Frizzle, as she takes her class, consisting of Arnold, Wanda, Phoebe, Ralphie, Carlos, Keesha, Dorothy-Ann, and Tim, on a series of field trips to teach them about different scientific topics. Ms. Frizzle is also aided by her pet lizard, Liz, and her magical sentient school bus, with which the field trips are made possible.

At the end of each episode, is a segment known as the Producer's Segment, where one of two producers (one male, one female) will answer phone calls from viewers that call to talk about various details that the show got "wrong".

Works Out[edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 9
Release date: November 9, 1996

During the "Is This the Magic School Bus?" segment, Liz and Garth Sinew did acrostic exercises in the school gym. In the segment's final segment, Liz flexes her arm muscles with great strength, revealing her ripped pecs and abdominal muscles in great shape after finishing her workout.