The Ghost and Molly McGee

From Animated Muscle Women

The Ghost and Molly McGee is an American animated television series Created and Produced by Bill Motz and Bob Roth. The first episode of the series premiered on Disney Channel in October 2021, with a few additional episodes debuting on the Disney+ streaming service.

The show follows Molly McGee, a bubbly 13 year old girl with an overwhelmingly positive outlook on life, moving into a rundown house in the town of Brighton with her family. The house was formerly haunted by a curmudgeonly ghost named Scratch, who hastily places a curse upon Molly by declaring that he will always haunt her until she moves out. This unfortunately backfires, as it now means Scratch is literally unable to escape from Molly until the curse is broken, and so begrudgingly becomes her new best friend.