The Casagrandes

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The Casagrandes


Slice of Life


Michael Rubiner
Miguel Puga

Production company

Nickelodeon Productions


United States

Original run

October 14, 2019 - September 30, 2022

Muscle scenes Total

11 (in TV series)
1 (in comics)

The Casagrandes (originally created under the working title: Los Casagrandes) is an American animated spin-off TV series based on The Loud House originally created by Chris Savino. The series was developed by Michael Rubiner, aired on Nickelodeon in October 2019, and is still currently in production. Following the character Ronnie Ann's departure from Royal Woods in The Loud House, the show's premise focuses on her life with her extended family in an apartment complex in Great Lakes City.

Character List
Voice Roles Muscle Total
Izabella Alvarez Ronalda "Ronnie" Anne Santiago is a supporting character from The Loud House, and the main protagonist of its spin-off, The Casagrandes. She is the 11-year-old sister of Bobby who is Lincoln's former classmate and friend. She's a tomboy who is very tough and enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and pranks. She wears a purple sweatshirt, jean shorts, a white tank top, purple shoes, and pink socks. A running gag is that one member of either her or Lincoln's family refers to one of them as the other's boyfriend/girlfriend which they instantly denied. It is implied multiple times throughout the series though that they harbor feelings for each other. 1
Sona Manzano Rosita "Rosa" Casagrande is a supporting character in The Loud House and the main character in the spin-off series, The Casagrandes. Rosa is the wife of Hector, the mother of Carlos and Maria, the mother-in-law of Frida, and the grandmother of Carlota, CJ, Carl, Carlitos, Bobby, and Ronnie Anne. She is the resident cook of the Casagrande family and has many options and ways of healing. 7
Leah Mei Gold Sid Chang is the main character in The Casagrandes and a minor character in The Loud House, she made her first appearance in "Friended! with the Casagrandes" and is a main tritagonist in the Loud House spin-off The Casagrandes.

Sid is a new girl in Great Lakes City, who moved there with her family. She became friends with Ronnie Anne when she was trying everything new in the city. Later they became neighbors.

Lexi Sexton Adelaide Chang 1
Blanca Guzman (more commonly known as La Tormenta) is a recurring character in The Casagrandes. She is Ronnie Anne's and Sid's favorite professional wrestler and nxt dor r neighbor. Her wrestling name is Spanish for "The Storm".

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