Tetsuko Breckenridge

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It is a webcomic created, written and illustrated by David C. Matthews. Tetsuko was subjected a secret 'anti-aging' formula designed by her college friend and scientist, Dr. Sonya Gannon which completely altered her appearance in every way. Prior to the change Tetsuko was a regular person albeit being physically strong due to being involved in weight lifting . But post the effects of the serum, Tetsuko gained more than 6ft. in height as well as becoming more muscular and strong than any other human. Tetsuko possesses superhuman strength and possesses certain levels of invulnerability also. She does not have any flight capabilities but can usually jump across great distances like She Hulk(but Tetsuko does not enjoy it). The list of comics Tetsuko has appeared in are:

  • Issue 1: Incident At Gannon Labs
  • Issue 2: Fight! Might Muscle Girl
  • Issue 3: Shopping Nightmare! The Klebold Project
  • Issue 4: Battle Royal! Tetsuko vs. Klebold
  • Issue 5: Derek
  • Issue: Tetsuko's Odyssey
  • Issue: Kaiju Fighter Tetsuko

Issue 1: Incident At Gannon Labs[edit | edit source]

Issue 2: Fight! Mighty Muscle Girl[edit | edit source]

Issue 3: Shopping Nightmare! The Klebold Project[edit | edit source]

Issue 4: Battle Royal! Tetsuko vs Klebold[edit | edit source]

Issue 5: Derek[edit | edit source]

Issue: Tetsuko's Odyssey[edit | edit source]

Issue: Kaiju Fighter Tetsuko[edit | edit source]