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An infobox is a piece of code you can paste into an article and it generates a box displaying a title and other information. The top of every page and applicable section should have an infobox. The first line of every infobox shares the same 3 fields: Wikipedia article, title and image.

  • Wikipedia article: Wikipedia page the template should link to. This should just be the page name, not the full URL. If left blank, the template will guess what the correct Wikipedia page is.
  • Title: Title of the piece of media. If left blank, defaults to the page's name.
  • Image: Name of the logo image, without the File: before it. You can use filenames from Wikimedia Commons without reuploading them to this wiki.

The rest of the fields are specific to each infobox and include information like publisher, release date, etc. To add multiple lines to a field, insert <br> between them. You can browse examples of using this template at What Links Here.

Usage[edit source]

Paste the following code into the article and fill out the fields: