Star vs. The Forces of Evil

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a Disney animated series created by Daron Nefcy that previewed its first two episodes in January 2015 before officially premiering in late March and concluding in May 2019 with a total of four seasons. The show is about the escapades of Star Butterfly, a magical princess who is moved out of her home dimension of Mewni to a school on Earth, where she becomes a foreign exchange student and the roommate of self-proclaimed karate master Marco Diaz. Monsters from Mewni will track down Star for her magic wand, so she teams up with Marco to fight them off.

Character List
Voice Role Muscle Episode Total
Meteora Butterfly Jessica Walter The Mewman-Monster hybrid daughter of Eclipsa and Globgor, and the true heir to Mewni throne, having been replaced with a peasant girl named Festivia by the Magic High Commission and Eclipsa's ex-husband King Shastacan, as revealed in "Butterfly Trap". Raised by the robot headmistress Olga, who named her "Heinous" after hearing Shastacan's insult, Meteora forgot her identity while eventually taking over as headmistress of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses with the support of her robot assistant Gemini and the Septarian bounty hunter Rasticore Chaosus Disastervaine. But she later is forced out of St Olga's when deposed by Star and Marco, bearing a grudge on them. In season 3, starting off the events that reveal the High Magic Commission's actions in covering up her existence, Meteora accidentally stumbled upon her childhood home during the events of "Monster Bash" and regained her memories as a result. Meteora later forces her way back into St. Olga's in the events of "Skooled!", ripping Pony Head's horn off after learning the full truth of her heritage with aspirations of claiming her birthright as ruler of Mewni. Gradually transforming into a giant soul-sucking monster, Meteora is ultimately turned back into a baby by Eclipsa in the season three finale. 3
Miss Skullnick Dee Dee Rescher She's a teacher at Echo Creek Academy who doesn't take her job seriously. She also appears to have a short temper, as she snaps at Marco when he asks if he needs a hall pass to go to the principal's office.

Originally, She was once human, but now she is a Troll after Star transformed her by accident so she could get a better grade.


As a human, Miss Skullnick is a heavyset middle-aged woman with cream-colored skin, faded red hair that is styled back to resemble horns or flames, and black eyes. She wears small black-rimmed reading glasses, gold hoop earrings, a lavender shirt, leopard-print pants, and purple high-heels.

As a troll, Miss Skullnick is slightly fatter than before, with the addition of some body hair. She now has pale green skin, longer hair in a brighter shade of red, yellow eyes, turquoise lips, an underbite with protruding fangs, longer ears and nose, and a pink gemstone embedded in her navel.

In season one, Miss Skullnick retains her original wardrobe as a human, but her shirt has ripped sleeves. In season two, her torn shirt and leopard-print pants are replaced by a T-shirt and dark gray pants.

Powers and abilities

  • Knowledge: As a high school teacher, Miss Skullnick possesses knowledge on a number of teachable subjects, especially math.
  • Superhuman strength: As a result of turning into a troll, Miss Skullnick has gained superhuman physical strength, enough to lift and throw large boulders. According to an audio tour in the Dimension of Wonders and Amazement, Miss Skullnick is capable of lifting up to one hundred times her own body weight.
Wrathmeilior Lucitor Dee Bradley Baker The demon queen of the Underworld and the mother of Tom Lucitor. Wrathmelior is a humanoid female adult. Unlike other Mewni royals, she is of very tall stature, standing about four times the size of her husband Dave. She has deep skin, a muscular build, beefy arms, short legs with cloven hooves, salmon-colored hair, three thin eyes (one in the middle of her forehead), large dark-red horns with reddish-gray tips, low pointed ears, sharp teeth, small purple wings, and a pointed tail. 2