Staines Down Drains

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Staines Down Drains is an Australian/New Zealander cartoon series created by Jim Mora that aired in 2005.

The show is about two siblings named Stanley and Mary-Jane Staines who are shrunken down and sucked into a portal in the basement sink to Drainland, a place threatened by the evil Dr. Drain.

Fighting Fit[edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 12

Gertie is a one-episode character from this episode as her first debut and only appearance. She's a creature made from low-fat yogurt that says she's low-fat and presents herself as a fitness instructor. She appears as a muscular aerobic instructor and flexes in the episode but in the end, she reveals that she's not made of low-fat yogurt and was using her shape-shifting ability to look fit so people would like her. She helps save the day in the end with her strength and says that even though she is fat she's still fit.