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Sidekick is a Canadian animated series by Todd Kauffman and Joey So, starting out as five shorts on the series Funpak. It is about an orphan named Eric Needles who is the sidekick of the secretly missing superhero Maxum Man. His friends, Trevor, Vana, and Kitty, train to be sidekicks at a school in Splittsboro.

Character List
Voice Roles Muscle Moments Total
Vama Glama Vana is the main character and a self-absorbed, narcissistic, hyper-ambitious prima donna who’s not easily impressed and is extremely shallow. Eric has a huge crush on her. She often tortures Eric and hates him for no apparent reason. Vana's appearance sports a pink, short-sleeved dress with a light pink belt, a dark pink headband, and pink earrings. She also wears knee-high socks along with pink shoes. Her outfits are mostly feminine colors. 1
Kitty Ko Denise Oliver Kitty is the main character, an energetic heroine who, despite being a bit strange, gives the rest of the group advice, and is somewhat a good hacker and fixer. She has a huge crush on Eric Needles and has a bit of a stalker-like owithn towards him. 2
Maxum Mom
Uni-Cyclops 6