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She-Thing is a super-villainess who appears in the animated series Dexter's Laboratory in a segment of the Justice Friends. She is an evil villainess in league with Comrade Red who shares similar characteristics to Krunk who appeared in the episode "Krunk's Date". Due to their similarities, she and Krunk fall for each other and develop a relationship. She was

Appearance She-Thing is a muscular purple monster (similar to Krunk but her skin is a lighter purple) that has red hair, long red fingernails and toenails, and long eyelashes. She wears an aqua outfit that looks similar to a one piece swimsuit.

Powers and Ability

  • Super Strength: She was strong enough to over power Valhallen and Living Bullet. She's probably as strong as Krunk
  • Nigh Invulnerability
  • Super Leap: She can jump very high like Krunk


  • She-Thing is a parody of the Marvel Comics character She-Hulk.
  • She-Thing can't read, which may mean she has some form of dyslexia.

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