Seis Manos

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Seis Manos (Six Hands) is an American adult animated streaming television series created by Brad Graeber and Álvaro Rodríguez. The plot is set in the fictional town of San Simon in 1970s Mexico and revolves around three orphans trained in Chinese martial arts. When their mentor is killed, they join forces with an American DEA agent and a policewoman to avenge his murder.

Voice Roles
Isabella Aislinn Derbez She is a martial arts fighter, who along with the other Seis Manos, wants to avenge their mentor's death. Isabella is a hung gar master and a Daoist scholar. She believes that order and justice are the "spokes in the wheel of the universe"

A master of hung gar (a southern Chinese fighting style) and a Daoist scholar, she believes order and justice are the spies in the wheel of the universe.

She has a strong and athletic physique for her age and height and has long brown hair reaching over her shoulders with a headband to keep it out of her face. Isabella also wears a green T-shirt leaving her midriff bare and light beige trousers held in place with a brown belt.

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