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Miss Sadie Macbeth is the antagonist of the series I.N.K. Invisible Network of Kids (known in French as Mission Invisible). She frequently devises mischievous plans to make her students quiet and obedient. She is a teacher in the Pinkerton School who spends her time hatching evil schemes to take over Pinkerton. She has a pet goldfish (Vagner), who she considers to be her evil companion. All pupils outside the I.N.K. are unaware of her malevolence. She describes herself as an evil villain. She also holds the functions of a "mascot" for the show, as far as she is the one making most of the musical parts (in every episode she sings a song about her evil scheme) and stars as a more crudely drawn cartoon character in the "Science Club" sequences at the end of every episode. While being a villain, her goofiness and the randomness of her actions make her the comic relief of the show as well. Miss Macbeth, although quite stupid, invents many clever weapons she uses against the kids of Pinkerton. The Invisible Network of Kids has managed to destroy all of them. In "Investigation at Pinkerton", it was revealed that Macbeth was a famous children's singer named Valentine Begonia 30 years ago.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Depending on each episode, she can have many different outfits to wear with her new ploy when it's her singing bit. Her default looks consist of different shades of purple with a few elements of black and green: purple hair tied back into a bun, violet/purple makeup, purple top/long skirt, knee-high black boots, and comical, pointy, and green glasses that also portrays her emotions i.e when she stumbles on her words. Her key trait is her comically oversized nose and purple sharp nails.


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