Rosie Redd

From Animated Muscle Women

Rosie Redd is the leader of the Rainbow Rangers. Her color is red

Rosie Redd is a born leader: bold, focused, and determined. Rosie’s role on the team is to see the big picture and offer a single-minded vision of what to do next. It makes her crazy when others are indecisive, and she might even miss a great idea if someone offers it in an uncertain tone. That said, Rosie’s the first to understand when a plan isn’t working. She’ll immediately gather new ideas from the team, and pivot decisively to a brand new track. The only thing Rosie can’t accept is a failure; it’s simply not an option. She and Indy both use speed and strength as together as partners. She looks like Zeta from Shimmer and Shine.

Her special power is super-strength or Strength Power, and her Tiara-Visor lets her see through objects. No other Ranger can.

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