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Braga A huge, one-eyed transgender Orc and former member of the Peaches, another adventuring team which was wiped out during the first Rat Queens story arc. Assigned male and named Broog at birth, Braga was the oldest child and heir to of her tribe's chieftain, but she didn't believe in her people's constant warring. Her ambitious younger brother Voon attempted a coup to eliminate her and take up the chieftainship; after her best friend and lover Kiruk was slain by Voon's minions, Braga crippled Voon in revenge and left her tribe,[27] although Voon would later return, imbued with demonic powers, to plague Braga anew. Her transition is not shown in the books but appears to have happened in between when she left her family and when she arrived in Palisades as a mercenary. Already a good friend of the Rat Queens, she later joins them full-time in their exploits. Madeline

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