Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

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Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
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Rich Magallanes
Mark Palmer

Production company

Funrise Toys
Bardel Entertainment


United States

Original run

January 28th - December 1st, 2019

Muscle Scenes Total


Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty (Also known as RBUK,) is an American animated children's television series created and produced by Rich Magallanes. also produced by Randy Shoemaker and Kris Marvin Hughes also Aaron Simpson. Toy company Funrise produces the series, and aired its first episode on January 27, 2019, and ended on December 1, 2019, after its first and only season. This is short-lived animation series released on a year.

Character List
Voice Role Muscle Per Episode
Felicity Allegra Clark 1