Platinum (DCU)

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Platinum is a living robot created by Dr. William Magnus. She is designed to mimic the properties of the metal platinum and is the most human personality attributes out of all the Metal Men.

Platinum is the first of the robotic Metal Men and the result of the scientific and technological genius of Doctor Will Magnus. Although there is no real gender among the Metal Men, she is the only one programed to act as a female. Unlike other robots, the Metal Men have a responsometer which allows them a certain degree of personality similar to that of a human.

Powers and Abilities

She can stretch her body into different shapes as well as shape shift. Her metallic body means that she has greater durability to damage and has increased strength as well as certain physiological necessities for humans (to breathe air) are not necessary. Each of the Metal Men take their name specifically from the metal they are made from and in which case they also retain the properties of those elements. In Platinum's case this means that she can use herself to be highly conductive of heat or electricity. Conversely this is also a weakness of her as the characteristics of platinum can be used against her. At one point Doctor Magnus used a solution of Aqua Regia to attack her when she was being controlled by others, as this substance dissolves platinum.

Superman: The Man of Steel (Volume 1)

Issue #1,000,000

"Fear & Loathing"
Released date: November, 1998