Pig Goat Banana Cricket

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Pig Goat Banana Cricket is a Nickelodeon cartoon series that premiered in July 2015, created by alternative cartoonists Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan, produced by Louis J. Cuck, who previously worked for the Nickelodeon Magazine in which they created the comic Cupcakes of Time. The series focuses on each of the absurd and gross-out adventures of the titular group of roommates - Pig, a fool who calls anything that catches his eye his favorite, Goat, an aspiring musician, Banana, the slacker of the group and self-proclaimed "master prankster", and the mad scientist Cricket.

List of Character
Goat (Voiced by Candi Milo) is one of the main characters from Pig Goat Banana Cricket. She's a sweet and cheerful goat woman who has been Pig's roommate for the past 29 years. Goat is the "Artist" of the group and can play the guitar very well. Goats are shown to be very easily irritated by others' antics and often display anger, causing them to babble and speak gibberish when angry. (eg. "Flibbin flabbin' flibble flubbing!") 2
Tiny Goosey (voiced by Dyana Liu) is a young female and small goose who was born not long ago. She has big eyes and white fur. Being young, Tiny Goosey can be easily startled by others. She is genuinely nice but very passive. 1