Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

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Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney XD. The series debuted on December 5, 2014, as a preview, followed by the official premiere on February 13, 2015. The series was ordered on October 16, 2013, for a scheduled fall 2014 premiere. The series' co-creator, Jared Bush, also co-wrote and co-directed Walt Disney Animation Studios' 2016 film Zootopia.

On April 22, 2015, it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season. On July 19, 2016, it was announced that the show had been canceled after two seasons. The series ended on July 28, 2017 with the hour-long series finale, "At the End of the Worlds". 35 episodes were produced.

Character List
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Tania Gunadi Sashi Kobayashi is one of the main characters of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.

She is Penn's friend, and a part-time sidekick. Sashi is the only girl on Penn's team, but despite that, she is fairly tomboyish and aggressive, with a violent attitude. The forms Sashi takes often provoke teasing from her teammates, but it doesn't stop her from proving how tough she is. Sashi is often a voice of reason and understanding despite her demeanor. Sashi wears glasses that the gang refer to as; "the Specs," which can project holographic displays that inform the trio about their missions. Sashi's parents are unaware of her job as part-time sidekick to help save worlds. Instead, they think that she works at the local "Fish Stick on a Stick" restaurant-ironically, this is actually the headquarters of the part-time villains.


Chicken or Fish?[edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 2a
Airdate: February 13, 2015

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Wings of Destiny[edit | edit source]

Season 2, Episode 3a
Airdate: July 12, 2017

In fairy World, Sashi appears as a tall, muscular fairy wrestler.