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Kaneko / Commando Satsuko Aki Kanada A 20-year-old lady who assists Mister Kaneari. In season 3, she's revealed to be able to turn into her true self Commando Satsuko, a huge, muscled warrior who has reached the full potential of her feminine virtues.

While Kaneko initially appears timid and soft-spoken, she is very strong-willed, to the point of being quite hotblooded and being the persona known as Commando Satsuko. She cares deeply for Mr. Kaneari.

Kaneko(then primarily known as Commando Satsuko)'s father was in the American Navy, and her mother, who was Japanese, stressed to her the importance of being a strong woman so one can protect their family and household. Kaneko, taking this to heart, proceeded to train for years fighting and defeating wild animals in single combat to become strong.