Muscle Girl

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Muscle Girl is fictional character created and illustrated by David C. Matthews. Muscle Girl is a circus strongwoman, the star attraction of the world's largest circus still performing under the Big Top. Her origins are a mystery, even to herself. She was discovered by some of the circus folk in a field where the tents were being erected for an engagement, naked but for a necklace around her throat and suffering from an amnesia which she still has not recovered from. Muscle Girl was allowed to work as a roustabout, helping put up tents and such, and her incredible strength soon made her the talk of the circus and incurred the ire of the circus' then-current strongman, Drago. Their animosity would soon come to a head, and M.G. (as she was called, after the initials on the necklace she was wearing when she was found) found herself having to fight Drago for her very life. Drago was finally beaten into submission by M.G., whereupon he left, humiliated at having been beaten by a "mere woman". The "job" of circus strongwoman was offered to M.G., and a stage name created to fit her "initials". Muscle Girl travels with the circus, hoping to find a clue to her true identity, her family, anything she can use to discover the life she had before. And, as can be expected, her travels often land her in inexplicable mysteries and dangerous adventures.

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