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Mongal is a malevolent alien conqueror. She is the daughter of the ruler of Warworld, Mongul the Elder, and the twin sister of Mongul II. She and her brother made their first full appearance trying to kill Superman for dishonoring their father. Mongal was created by Peter Tomasi and Scot Eaton, first appearing in Showcase '95 #8 (1995).

Comics[edit | edit source]

Superman (Volume 2)[edit | edit source]

Issue #170

"Bad Dog!"
Released date: July, 2001

Superman: The Man of Steel (Volume 1)[edit | edit source]

Issue #115

"Metropolitan Rapture"
Released date: August, 2001

Superman: Our Worlds at War Secret Files and Origins[edit | edit source]

Profile Pages
Released date: August, 2001

World's Finest: Our Worlds at War[edit | edit source]

Released date: October, 2001

Green Lantern (Volume 4)[edit | edit source]

Issue #14

"A Perfect Life, Part 2"
Released date: March, 2006

Future State: Suicide Squad[edit | edit source]

Issue #1

"Suicide Squad - Part One"
Released date: March, 2021

A possible alternate future version of Mongal on Earth 3.

Character Design Sheet[edit | edit source]

Character sheet by Ed McGuinness.

Animation[edit | edit source]

Batman: the Brave and the Bold[edit | edit source]

Duel of the Double Crossers![edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 21
June 12, 2009