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Metal Slug is a run and gun video game series created by SNK. It focuses on the adventures of Peregrine Falcon Squad, a crack team of commandos who battle aliens, dictators, and other factions bent on world domination.

Fitting in with the series' cartoony bent, eating sixteen pieces of food causes your character to spontaneously gain weight. Power is increased while speed is lowered, and humorous changes are made to the character's animations, including using a fork instead of a knife as a melee weapon. The transformation wears off eventually on its wn, but can be cured quicker with a diet pill or barrel of diet formula.

Character List
Voice Roles
Youshion She trained in the art of ninjutsu, she can move so quickly as to appear to teleport - she normally shuffles slowly under the weight of her immense hammer, but she's able to leap huge distances with it, and can also move in the blink of an eye when using smoke bombs.

She belonged in the same village as Jin and Shizuka, though her relationships with them are unknown.

Her MSA infobox states that she can manipulate prototype weapons better than anyone else (most likely due to her superhuman strength). She gets along well with Dragunov and Caroline, two other members of the Ptolemaic Army.

Yoshino seems to be heavily relied upon by the Ptolemaic Army, as Dragunov often states that they can't do anything without her.


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