Masters of the Universe: Revelation/Gallery

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Poisoned Chalice[edit | edit source]

The Most Dangerous Man in Eternia[edit | edit source]

Land of the Dead[edit | edit source]

The Forge at the Forest of Forever[edit | edit source]

The Gutter Rat[edit | edit source]

Evil-Lyn tricks Skeletor into reverting to his normal form, and takes the Sword of Power for herself, becoming God-Lyn with the muscular physical body. God-Lyn announces her intention to end all suffering by destroying the universe and eradicating Preternia as an example. The Royal Family begins planning to defeat God-Lyn by having Teela become the new Sorceress and is unexpectedly joined by Skeletor.

Hope, for a Destination[edit | edit source]

Comes with Everything You See Here[edit | edit source]