Married... With Children (comics)

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Kelly Bundy Special (Volume 1, 1992)[edit | edit source]

Kelly been push aside by those two unknown female bodybuilders

Issue #1[edit | edit source]

Released date: January 1992

Quantum Quartet (Volume 1, 1993–1994)[edit | edit source]

In 1993, a company called Now Comics made a miniseries of Married... Children comic books, in which the Bundys parodied the Fantastic Four. The series lasted four issues.

Kelly Bundy's powers are a parody and a homage to The Thing from Fantastic Four (as The Thingie). Kelly parodying The Thing, Kelly hates her new rocky appearance and constantly complains about her complexion.

Issue #1[edit | edit source]

Released date: October 1993

Issue #2[edit | edit source]

Released date: November 1993