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Mala was once second-in-command of the planet Krypton's planetary defense force.

Mala was created for Superman: The Animated Series. She has similarities to other female Kryptonians such as Ursa and Faora but also shares a name with a male Kryptonian who appeared in the pages of Superman comics in the 1950s.


Mala was a Kryptonian sentenced for crimes and trapped within the Phantom Zone. She persuaded Superman to release her, saying her 20-year sentence was complete. She was going to fight crime with Superman, but soon realized he was a protector and not a ruler, as she thought beings of their power should be. She released Jax-Ur from his imprisonment and turned on Superman.

Blasts from the Past, Part 1[edit | edit source]

Season 2, Episode 1
Air date: September 8, 1997

There was an episode, where Superman frees a woman from the phantom zone named Mala. When she learns about the powers she will get while on earth she is intrigued. After a while, she is at full power and her arms are a bit muscular and she does a quick flex.