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Welcome to Animated Muscle Women![edit]

Welcome to Animated Muscle Women Wiki Hello and Welcome! This place of muscular woman, female bodybuilders, and female muscle growth found in cartoons, anime, comics, movies, fan-made animations and live-action female muscle moments too! Like tv shows and commercials...if there's physical fitness and growing muscular at each scene. This Wikia is a test to see if there is enough demand for the website with female bodybuilding cartoons done with Macromedia flash.

Rules and Guidelines Help this Wiki[edit]

  • Photos and Screencaps in need of High Quality (including GIFs).
  • No nudity or sexual languages. Censor the images of the character(s) involved with nudity.
  • Each shot for each motion from any videos are to be added to the character's gallery page.
  • All images need to be of the characters with muscles with some exceptions like lead-ups to a muscle moments.
  • Don't add the characters who have no muscle whatsoever.
  • All of FMG, FBB, and character who related to Muscle inflation/growth based on the fanart has been not allow/Banned for this Wikia.
  • Fanartists' characters are also NOT allowed or of the pages you(r) adding in.
  • No vandalism. Please show your disgust towards this wiki somewhere else.