Madam Brawn

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Madam Brawn is one former Plastic man's villain and a criminal in the Quality Comics and later DC Comics in the Golden Age of Comics.

She runs her school for female ex-cons. She trains them to be able to outfight two men at the same time, by starting out with four hours of hard work and two hours of boxing and wrestling each day and once conditioned, going into the real training. There's also regular training on how to shoot, from rifles to Tommy guns. And, no smoking. Only Madam Brawn is allowed that privilege.

When they are ready, they start to take over the protection racket in Windy City, beating up Lefty Goon and his goons in the process. Plastic Man, who is undercover in Lefty's gang, warns Madam Brawn of Lefty planning on retaliating. He is promptly captured by her she-devils and fore-warned, they wipe out Lefty's gang when it arrives. Plastic Man is willing to let her off with a warning but she wants vengeance for him ruining her plans. She dies in the attempt.

Police Comics[edit | edit source]

Issue #4[edit | edit source]

Plastic Man: Crime School For Delinquent Girls
(November 1941)

Issue #5[edit | edit source]

(December 1941)