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MAD Magazine (also known as MAD) is an American humor magazine created in 1952 by Harvey Kurtzman and William Gaines. It started out satirizing and parodying comic books and other media, but changed to a black-and-white magazine format in 1955, poking fun at everything it could. It also gained a number of recurring features, made by a core team of writers and artists. Its original run ended in 2018 but was relaunched to coincide with the move of its headquarters.

This shows that humor magazine that featured muscular girls a couple of times.

Issue #147[edit | edit source]

(December 1971)

In the issue #147, included a parody on the Modern Muscle Magazine cover features both male and female bodybuilder.

Issue #259[edit | edit source]

(December 1985)

In the issue #259, included a parody on the Madonna song Material Girl called "Superior Girl".

Issue #287[edit | edit source]

(June 1989)

Female Bodybuilders Comic Strips: A MAD Look at Female Bodybuilders

Issue #315[edit | edit source]

(December 1992)

American Radiators is an editorial cartoon parody of American Gladiators. Six muscular women wearing outfits with editorial cartoon words: Chest, Abs, Buttocks, Calves, Thighs, and bursts. Also, more. Junior Radiators.