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Krosh is a character in The Adventures of Kid Cosmic.

Krosh first appeared in “Kid Cosmic and the Champion”, when Jo planned on joining in the Fight Hole to prove herself. After she stopped the Local Heroes from removing her from the competition, Jo fought and won against Krosh. When Krosh shown signs of disappointment, Jo comforted her by getting the crowd to cheer for her, and they teamed up.

In “The Feeble Fighters”, she helped Jo on trying to stop Fantos the Amassor from collecting the cosmic stones, as Jo gives her one of them to stop Fantos. They beat Fantos and Jo makes the decision to give Krosh all of the stones to destroy Erodious, to the disappointment of the Local Heroes.

In “The Soul Kroshing Loss”, Krosh and Jo went to Erodious in a portal to stop it from destroying planets. When Jo tries to tell her and the Irish clones that they can still stop Erodious, however, Krosh and her clones reveal the true nature to Jo by pushing a boulder on her, as they explain to her on why they want the cosmic stones. They explain that the Fight Hole was Krosh’s only thing to become special, until Jo beat her and won, telling her they are going to make her feel the same pain as they plan on taking the cosmic stones, re-enter to pit, and reclaim their title as a tag team, as they try to high-five each other. But before they can celebrate their victory and leave Erodious, they are vaporized and turned into ash by Fantos.