Kick Buttowski: Surburban Daredevil

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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil is a Disney XD original cartoon series created by Sandro Corsaro, animated by Mercury Filmworks and broadcast from 2010 to late 2012.

The series follows an aspiring 10-year-old daredevil named Clarence Buttowski, who goes by the nickname "Kick", being helped in his endeavors by his best friend Gunther. They often have to deal with Kick's bullying elder brother, his rival classmate and his younger sister, who herself acts as a pageant girl.

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Jackie "Wacky Jackie" Wackerman (voiced by Maria Bamford) is one of the supporting characters from the show Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.

Jackie is a cute and sweet new resident of Mellowbrook of 12 years old. She became obsessed with Kick in her debut appearance in "Obsession: For Kick", later stalking him due to her being his "number one fan", as well as being the president of his fan club, etc. Gunther falls in love with her in "For The Love Of Gunther", although his love for her isn't shown in any other episodes. She is a classmate of Kick and Gunther.


Sold![edit | edit source]

Season 2, Episode 10a
Airdate: June 25th, 2011

In the episode, Jackie ripped her shirt and muscle-bound under t-shirt.



Bwar and Peace[edit | edit source]

Season 2, Episode 24
Airdate: April 7th, 2012

In the episode, the first and only appearance of an unnamed 7-foot-tall Viking tourist guide Brad falls in love and gives animals to a certain Viking and he gets back change in exchange for the blond woman, so Brad is involved in a forced marriage. but finally, Brad is pissed off by this; accuses the woman of marrying him for the money, calls it a deal breaker, and divorces her on the spot. The woman sighs; but otherwise leaves, not caring.