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Jun Asuka is the main protagonist of Iron virgin girl, Despite who is the current princess of Asukas after Her grandmother Mei Asuka passed away Because of Her mother Origins: Iron virgin girl.

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Jun is a tall and attractive young girl, constantly considered very cute and beautiful. She has is fair-skinned with blue-eyes and blond (black in the anime) straight hair. Her hair reaches her mid-back and is usually tied with ribbon to hold it up in a high ponytail on the back. Jun is slender in stature yet sports a rather developed and curvaceous frame with a slim waist, flared hips, and a sizeable bust. Most prominent about her appearance is her lean but surprisingly well-muscled and defined built from her intense years of martial arts and body-building. Because her muscles are not so large as to overwhelm her feminine side, her built is unnoticeable when covered up by anything more than a bikini or spandex.


Jun's mom is having a party with entire whales cooked and served. its to marry jun off to a guy to join their families so they can grow in status. but jun runs off and her mom sends ninja after her. jun tears off her dress and shows she a big buff pro-wrestler and beats them up. she and Kurata go off and meet her aunt and plays Kaidomaru before escaping. After Jun and Kurata retreats her race, Jun Asuka's mother gets shocked about Kaido's beat down by the two hands of Jun and Kurata. in the city they try to find normal clothes but Jun's mom sends the golden cherry boys after her to steal her virginity(at least she'd still have her butt and mouth virginity... I hope...) they catch jun but with Kurata's accidental help, she beats a55 and gets away. also, her mom puts out a reward for jun and the commoners go after her. she trades jewelry for a van and they escape. the next day jun reveals shes, not a real blonde (in the manga she is(like sailor venus or Nami Koishikawa) and they talk to some guy at the beach. then The soldiers come in on a chopper and fire missiles that burst open to reveal the golden cherry boys in em(wtf) they fight but Jun Asuka's mother pulls a machine gun on them and they take her back to the castle. Kurata wakes up and goes o the castle after getting ko' ed easy. jun is chained up and gonna be unvirgined but her chains snap and she takes out the cherry boys one by one(with her dad's help) Kurata arrives and runs over the last cherry boy and Jun fights her mom in a sexy WWF battle. jun wins but Jun's grandma's demon ghost or something possesses Jun's mom and urns her into some hulking demon. jun fights her as Kurata and Jun's dads stop his grandma's corpse and free Jun's mom. later Jun's dad takes care of his manly wife and jun and Kurata go off on an adventure. oh and the mom tracked jun with a necklace thing Jun's grandma gave her the whole time. then we get awesome 90s music for the credits.

Manga[edit | edit source]

Images from various pages of the original manga.

Iron Virgin Jun (OVA)[edit | edit source]

Her parents had forced her to marry another man, thus causing her to run into the forest and encounter some bodyguards. The bodyguards tell her to not resist but she says to bring it on. She then flexes which causes her muscles to bulge and grow rapidly, thus making her dress becoming tighter and causing it to shred into pieces.

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