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Jinzō Konchū Kabuto Borg VxV is an anime series based on the Kabuto Borg toys developed by Takara Tomy. It aired on Animax from October 2006 to October of the next year. It is also known in some groups for its nonsensical parts. Borg battles are a game where people pit their kabuto borgs, which are small, beetle-shaped machines, against each other. Ryūsei Amanogawa is an enthusiast of these battles, and he and his friends Katsuji and Ken face many opponents.

List of character
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Mirko Nagahama Barbara is a one time antagonist from Jinzo Konchu Kabuto Borg. She is a trainer at the gym and seems to value muscle above all else.

At first, she wears a blue shirt with blue sports shorts and a sweatband on her forehead, her blonde hair tied into a ponytail. She has an unzipped pink jacket on as well, but loses it later in the episode. Her figure is well toned and fit, with a defined chest and noticeable biceps. After she bulks up, her body is far bigger, with huge biceps, thighs, noticeable abs, and a thicker chest. Her skin becomes tan and her ponytail becomes more messy, and her previous outfit remains, ripped and looking even smaller. Her face is no longer warm and inviting but intimidating. Her voice also deepens as well.


Muscle Shonentai! Sweet Muscular Pane![edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 23

Barbara offers to train Ryūsei, Katsuji, Ken, who are trying to get win an upcoming tournament. She makes them train hard and drink lots of protein milk, however her program is far too effective as the boys bulk up far too much, scaring away girls and making them worse at Borg battles.

They return to Barbara, who seems confused at the idea of them having "too much muscle". She clarifies that she thought they had wanted to train for a bodybuilding tournament, not a Borg battle one. They demand she helps them lose their muscles, but she gets angry, still not understanding why they'd want to lose their muscles.

She shouts and starts vigorously pumping up on a pulldown machine, so much so that it creates smoke around her. She offers that, if Ryūsei beats her in a Borg battle, she will help them create a weight loss program. But if she wins they have to enter the bodybuilding tournament.

Once they accept, the smoke clears to reveal Barbara has grown massive muscles. She also admits that she's actually quite skilled in Borg battles, being the champion in California with her Borg "Pump Up Quimby", and that her feminine muscles are much more suited for Borg battles unlike Ryūsei's. Once the match starts, it seems like she is going to win, until Ryūsei uses a special move involving unhealthy food and activities to defeat her borg. She admits defeat before fainting

The kids return to normal, except for Ken who goes and wins the bodybuilding tournament. Barbara is back to her smaller size and cheering him in the audience.