Instructor Moosesha

From Animated Muscle Women

Instructor Moosesha (ムーセイシャ教官, Mūseisha Kyōkan) is a moose drill sergeant. She debuted in PaRappa The Rapper 2 and is the Teacher of Stage 4: Sista Moosesha.

Moosesha is proud, casual, and in-charge. Her training has her perform the physical tasks with her students, instead of giving commands and judging from the sideline, meaning she is more involved and close to whoever gets training from her. She knew Parappa from the start, as she is aware he was once trained by her sister and assumes he remembers her sister's lesson. She suggests Parappa that they take a break, argue with each other who took the ropes with them but eventually drop to care about it and asks Parappa to take a nice photo of her.