Helen Gable / Skadihr

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Helen Gable (aka Skadihr, the Devasting Destroyer) is a supporting character of the Marvel Universe with ties to Asgard (where Thor comes from). She featured in a 2011 Limited Series, but as of this writing as yet to appear anywhere else. An agent of AIM who was infused with Asgardian DNA. Helen Gable's warriors spirit is awakened as she allies herself with the Asgardian warriors the Warriors Three, even taken on a new name, that of Skadihr, which means Devastating Destroyer.

Powers and Abilities

Helen Gable is an experienced and talented A.I.M. agent. She possesses both scientific and technical skills, and an array of field and combat competencies.

She also was one of the few successful subjects for enhancement using the DNA of the great Asgardian wolf Fenris. This seems to give her abilities that are similar to those of an elite warrior of Asgard, such as the Warriors Three. Marvel Heroes RPG stats for her assumes a standard Asgardian godling physiology.

In terms of strength, mass, agility, etc. she seems roughly on par with a man such as Hogun. On the other hand she lacks the ample experience and specialized training of a veteran Asgardian adventurer – for instance in swordplay.

Warriors Three[edit | edit source]

Issue #3

"Jubilation of the Wolf"
Released date: April, 2011

Issue #4

"My Own Private Ragnarok"
Released date: May, 2011