Harvey Girls Forever!

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Harvey Girls Forever!
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Emily Brundige

Production company

The Harvey Entertainment Company
DreamWorks Animation Television


United States

Original run

June 29, 2018 – January 10, 2020

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Harvey Girls Forever! (originally titled Harvey Street Kids in its first season, then retroactively retitled) is an American animated comedy television series produced by Brendan Hay and Aliki Theofilopoulos for DreamWorks Animation Television and is based on comic book characters from Harvey Comics.

The show follows the adventures of three best friends who live in Harvey Street, a neighborhood where kids make the rules. The show is based on the classic Harvey Comics characters, such as Audrey, Dot, Lotta, Richie Rich, and many more. The series celebrates friendship, fun, and creativity, as the Harvey Girls face various challenges and dilemmas with humor and imagination. The show also features catchy songs, colorful animation, and positive messages for young viewers.