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Gale is a Muscular prison woman who first appear in Web of Spider-Man Annual and debut in June 1994.


Gale was a physical fitness nut. She was mad, and she had no control on her strength. She was sent to the Ravencroft, Dr. Kafka's treatments helped her to keep the control of her strength.

Gale was in one of the security cells when Shriek was taken to the Institute. Thanks to Barker's emotions, Shriek fed enough to free herself, Gale, and other "guests" of the Institute: Pyromania, Mayhem, and Webber, manipulating all them with her powers. However, Mayhem didn't want to ally with assassins like them, so attacked them with her toxic mist. Gale ripped a big metallic panel from the wall and smashed it on Mayhem, knocking her down. Soon after, she smashed a titanium door with the help of Pyromania's flames and Shriek's energetic blasts.

In the following chamber they found Spider-Man and John Jameson (the security chief) and a fight started. Gale assaulted John Jameson who shot a couple of sedative darts to her, with no effect. Then Jameson run in direction of Shriek, but Gale pursued him. Jameson was tripped up by Webber, but managed to increase the darts sedative level and shot two more darts at Gale. Stunned, she fell on Webber, knocking him down, too.

A few minutes later Gale, Pyromania, and Webber were rising again, and were being again manipulated by Shriek, who changed ideas and directed her energy powers against them. Spider-Man saved them, and after having defeated the shrieking criminal with the help of Jameson, took Gale and the other criminals in their cells.

Powers and Abilities

Gale is a normal human, well-trained, with very enhanced muscles and superhuman strength. She could resist sedatives.

Web of Spider-Man Annual Vol.1[edit | edit source]

Issue #10[edit | edit source]

"Shriek, Rattle and Roll"
June 1994

Ruins of Ravencroft: Dracula[edit | edit source]

Issue #1[edit | edit source]

"Release date: January 22, 2020

Ravencroft[edit | edit source]

Issue #4[edit | edit source]

"May 13, 2020