Fugget About It

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Fugget About It is a Canadian-animated cartoon series created by Nicholas Tabarrok and Willem Wennekers. The show’s first two seasons began airing on Teletoon at Night in September 2012 before switching over to Adult Swim Canada for its third and final season which concluded in March 2016. The show’s premise focuses on Jimmy Falcone, a mobster who kills his boss and bargains with the FBI for witness protection for him and his family in exchange for testimonies against his former mob members. The Falcones then moves from New York City to Regina, Saskatchewan under the new surname “McDougal” and attempt to adjust to their new life in Canada.

Character List
Voice Role Muscle Moment Total
Emilie-Claire Barlow Theresa Maria Falcone (McDougall) is the oldest daughter of Jimmy and Cookie. She is a seventeen-year-old, and incredibly ditzy, often using her looks to gain favor with the boys of her school. She appears as a black-haired teen (although contradictory as seen in the pictures below and later episodes where she has brown hair) She often wears large, hooped earrings and blue eyeshadow; this can change during special events and different occasions and outings i.e when Theresa goes to the beach or mall, she can be seen wearing different outfits. Theresa is snarky and competitive in nature and takes after quite a few of her parent's characteristics. As far as Theresa's involvement with the Mafia goes would be inside her based on the jokes made on numerous episodes. 1

Effin, Neighbours, Eh?[edit | edit source]

Season 2, Episode 9
Airdate: October 31, 2013

Meanwhile, Theresa and Gina experience their own little taste of Canadiana – Theresa is failing PE and the only way to pass is to sign up for hockey. With much help from Gina, mainly receiving pointers on “stick handling” and secretly pumping her full of steroids, Theresa eventually becomes a hulking enforcer with a five o’clock shadow.