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Freaky Stories




Steve Schnier

Original run

October 24, 1997 -December 17, 1997

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Comedy thriller
Dark fantasy
Science fiction


Decode Entertainment
Funbag Animation Studios

Freaky Stories is a Canadian animated anthology show developed by Steve Schnier and John A. Delmage, and produced by John A. Delmage and Neil Bergman also Curtis Crawford, lasting from October 1997 to October 2000. Hosted by two animatronic insects, Larry de Bug and Maurice, the stories are all based on urban legends that children are likely to believe.

Character List
Ann Marie is a supporting character who makes her first appearance in the fifth episode of the series, 'Freaky Stories. She is a beauty contestant, who buys an unknown diet pill to prepare for a contest. After winning the contest she's offered a drink of water and the pills' side effect (absorbing water) takes effect she bloats to hilarious proportions and rolls off the stage humiliated. A lesson learned; she hits the gym to lose weight but also builds up her muscles. Her physique is now rippling with muscles, and she becomes a champion bodybuilder as Ms. Mighty Muscles." Mar Mie Still tours the pageants. But now she hits the gym instead of the pharmacy. She's Pumping up to be the Next MS. MIGHTY MUSCLES."

Personality: Anna Marie is shown to be a vain, shallow, conniving woman throughout the short. She would often cheat and use dirty tricks. After her humiliation and her workouts that made her muscular, she became proud, strong, confident, had more respect towards others.

Abilities: After the workouts that made her muscular, It can be assumed Anne Marie became very strong and athletic. She has great stage performance performing a side chest pose and double biceps pose.

Designer Tales[edit | edit source]

Season 1, Episode 5
Airdate: December 20, 1997

Story 1 "A"

Anna buys a new mysterious diet pill in preparation for a beauty contest, on the condition that she must not drink water for the duration of the diet. The diet pill was filled with several tiny sponges, and when she breaks and drinks gallons of water, they cause her to bloat uncontrollably. In the end, she becomes a female bodybuilder and changes her life forever.