Erin Cicero / Axon

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Axon was a criminal sentenced to death like the other members of the Gamma Corps Black. But she was taken in by the Origins Corporation and was given abilities for one purpose. To use their training to "Sell their product, by killing anyone that gets in their way."

Erin Cicero is an Zzzax / human experiment. Cicero was a military prisoner, but given the option of negating her sentence by signing up for dangerous experiments by a group of Army scientists under John Ryker.

Staff Sergent Erin Cicero signed up for the experiment because she was going to be put to death for the murder of 6 people, including her husband and 2 children. Before returning home she had seen her entire platoon killed during peace-keeping operations and shipped home. she was likely suffering post traumatic stress which led her to believe her family were insurgent spies and killed them.

Her first mission with Gamma Corps: Black was to apprehend Lyra and Boudicca. After taking over a small desert town in California, she absorbed most of Lyra's bio-electricity but after Lyra made her angry, Axon found herself weaken so returned them. Before Lyra could kill her like she had with the rest of Gamma Corps: Black, general Ryker had her remotely terminated for being known by too many civilians [3]

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Story 2: Clash of Furies
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